Double Sided Hair Extension Tape 12 yard Extra Strong


Introducing Walker Tape Ultra Hold: The #1 choice for long-lasting hair system support. This set includes 12 double-sided clear tapes made from strong, flexible plastic. It’s super tacky, dries clear, and stays strong even when wet. Perfect for wigs, toupees, and hair extensions. Comes in an attractive protective case for easy use anywhere on your hair.

Brand Walker Tape
Colour Clear
Material Plastic
Number of items 12
Special feature Double,Strong

About this item

  • VIP MERCHANTS’ Tapes are always AUTHENTIC Walker Tape. Never generic.
  • Ultra hold tape is the #1 Hair System Tape. Most Popular Choice for Long-lasting hold. Perfect for wigs, toupees and hair extensions.
  • Dries Clear. Stays Strong. Ultra hold tape is the most tacky, flexible, and longest lasting tape Walker Tape Company makes.
  • Super Tacky. Double sided. Very flexible. Easy to use. Waterproof.
  • You can use Ultra hold on the front hair line, the sides, the back, wherever you need a strong consistent hold. Comes in attractive plastic protective case.



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